Business concept


Strong, digital brands with quality content

Our business concept is to own, operate and develop high-quality digital brands for the purpose of guiding users to our partners. Our focus is to always, every day, offer content that is appreciated by our users.

Quality – in everything we do

We are obsessed with delivering quality content. It is basically simple: if the quality of the services we develop is not to the users’ liking, then our partners will not obtain any qualitative, relevant user referrals from us.

For us, quality is not about making great revolutionary changes from one year to the next. It is about, every day, step by step, developing and improving both ourselves and the content we offer our users.

Acquire, renew, improve

We have a distinctive growth focus. We work continuously to improve the digital brands we already own in order to constantly increase our organic growth. We are also constantly on the look-out for more acquisitions that can strengthen and improve our offering.

Data, data, data

We have a data-driven approach. This means that we make well-informed decisions substantiated by data analysis of user behaviour. Systems, passion, cooperation, knowledge and best practice enable our employees to make decisions based on previously gained experience and insights in order to learn lessons for the future.

Corporate culture with passion, focus and innovation at the forefront

Net Gaming’s corporate culture is marked by a data-driven approach and extensive technical know-how. Net Gaming has a number of values, passion, focus and innovation, which govern how we act internally and externally – to each other and our operating environment.