Investment case


Strong, qualitative digital brands

High-quality content and user-friendliness create a product with high-value user traffic generated by our comparison and news services to our partners. This leads to higher revenue per user generated.

Scalable business model

Net Gaming’s scalable business model allows revenue to rise significantly without costs increasing at the same rate. This ratio is increasing as Net Gaming grows bigger.

Intelligent digital platform

Net Gaming has a proprietary technical platform that enables the websites and their content to be managed from a central base. [This makes it easier to achieve economies of scale in content production]

Proven, data-driven organisation

Net Gaming works with a data-driven approach. This means that the organisation makes well-informed decisions substantiated by data analysis of user behaviour.

Systematic method of acquisition

Net Gaming has a rigorous selection process, with a number of fundamental criteria that must be met when evaluating a potential acquisition. We work together with the acquired company’s management to define a common agenda considered to be most value-creating and sustainable.

Strong corporate culture

Net Gaming has a strong, values-driven culture that is marked by quality, innovation and focus. The Company operates with the mindset that all employees are entrepreneurs: we are committed and take ownership of everything we do.

Mega trends

Transformation from offline to online.

The share for Online gaming (iGaming) is currently 10.7 percent, corresponding to approximately SEK 400 billion per year. About SEK 160 billion of this is generated through affiliates, in other words comparison services.

Comparison trend

With the opportunities offered by digitalisation and the internet, users are increasingly likely to be able to, and want to, compare different options before making decisions. This trend is beneficial to Net Gaming.